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I’ll Be Home For Christmas: 8 Home Decorating Ideas for the Holidays

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‘Tis the season to be jolly. At this time, streets are already looking festive, coffee shops are surely more fragrant than ever, and boutiques are definitely brighter and alive—all because Christmas is underway. 

With the holidays nearing, a sense of nostalgia greets us hello. The memories we’ve shared with our most treasured people during this time last year are all coming back and somehow, it helps us feel connected and gleeful even if we might not be able to celebrate with all of them this holiday season. This year has been tough compared to the previous ones but it doesn’t mean that we should skip the festivities. 

Christmas is around the corner and so should your Christmas tree. If your kitchen still doesn’t have the gingerbread man cookies and there aren’t any red socks hanging around the house in sight, then this is a good read.

Here are some ideas to help you decorate your home and make it holiday-ready because it’s that time of the year again to finally “Deck the Halls”:

1. Light up some scented candles.

Not only does a candle enlighten spaces but it also helps set the mood. Before starting with the other decors, set up a candle holder first and light your favorite candle with scents like cinnamon, fir tree, nutmeg, and pumpkin spice—all of which are perfect Christmas scents. The lovely fragrance and the intimate lighting will definitely give you the boost you need to give your home that ‘holiday glow’. 

2. Choose a theme.

May it be gold and glittery or green and red, the interior of your home must exude a cheerful vibe. The classic look is loved by many although sometimes, we want it looking even more sophisticated yet merry on the holidays. Exquisite pieces such as gold trays and silver ornaments will help make the overall design look elegant. After all, there are a lot of themes to go for: White Christmas, Gold and Glittery, Rustic Style, Norweigan Winter Wonderland, and more. 

3. Prepare enticing foliage.

Nothing beats a home that looks and feels cozy. Even with all the chic decorations, the interior would seem even more inviting if there are greens around. Great choices would include getting a fresh wreath and garlands and hanging them strategically on the best parts of the walls. If fresh foliage would be hard to get a hold of, artificial ones are always a good choice as well. 

4. Make the dining table festive.

Before preparing a good feast for Christmas day, a nicely made up dining table should be ready first. To do this, make sure that the dining table is the perfect look and size for the family. The holiday is all about sharing good food with an even greater company so it’s best to cop a great feasting table for the group. Start decorating by choosing a table cloth. If you’re going for the classic look, a bright scarlet-colored table cloth would look nice. If it’s Gold and Glittery you want, a white cloth would be a perfect choice; leave the gold details for your utensils. 

Traditional placemats are still widely used but the Christmas season calls for special diningscapes. Instead of placemats, make use of charger plates as these would enhance the entire look; your setup would seem timeless, classy, and definitely jovial.

For the dinnerware and accessories, pick an accent color and incorporate it into the pieces that you’ll be putting on your table. Glass or gold coasters, a patterned runner, and a gold set of cutlery will then finish the look.

5. Don’t overlook the chairs.

Chairs are sometimes spared from the decorations but what people don’t realize is that chairs are the most utilized furniture in the house since guests lounge on it. It’s not difficult to make a chair looking Christmas-ready especially if you already have the perfect chair. Take a fairly large red or gold ribbon then tie it on the back portion of the chair. Instantly, it will look better without having to cover it wholly using a cloth cover. 

6. Scatter more ornaments around the house.

To complete the holiday vibe, make sure to put various ornaments as your decors. Apart from the wreath and garlands, placing topiaries on your side and coffee tables would help make the space look and feel festive. If your guests adore the topiaries, then a perfect gift idea for them is a topiary gift box.

7. Be unique with your Christmas tree.

To match the sophisticated holiday decor, make sure that your Christmas tree wears unique decorative pieces. Depending on the theme you chose, fill the tree with saffrons, tinsels, metallic balls, poinsettias, and of course, a long line of warm Christmas lights.

8. Ready a Christmas coffeehouse playlist.

Remember the warmth you feel whenever you’re in a coffee shop and “Santa Tell Me” plays in the background while you sip a cup of coffee? That’s what the holiday season is about. Ready a playlist so as early as now, you can start filling the house with a hefty amount of Christmas carols. 

Holidays are spent with the people we love so we always want to make sure that everything is perfect but preparing for Christmas doesn’t have to be daunting especially with these home decorating ideas. Achieve the elegant look by shopping for tasteful pieces from Oaklane. For more tips on dressing your home’s interior, read more of our blogs.

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