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10 Handpicked Items for an Elegant Home

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Every home owner’s ultimate desire is to own a place that exudes elegance. No matter what design and style you may have chosen, accessorizing appropriately can greatly enhance the overall appeal of your home.

While you are out to select accessories and accents for your place, never underestimate the importance of picking quality pieces that complement the entire space. Go for higher quality pieces that you love and that will add intrinsic elegance to a space.

Below are 10 handpicked items from Oaklane that will surely raise the elegance quotient of your home.

1.      Giucnia 

handpicked wall decor for your home

Whether you are a designer or not, you can never go wrong with the Giuacnia wall metal décor. Simple yet sophisticated, these come in different variations of circular shape.

2.      Imelda 

Beautiful Gold handpicked wall clock for your home

This wall clock is admirably minimal and features black plated hands with a dust of gold on the background. Position it in your kitchen, living room, or bedroom and never be without the time again.

3.      Emilia

handpicked Gorgeous Charger plate for your home

Make a statement with this glass charger plate in fantastic gold. In an instant, it will elevate the look of your dining table by adding depth and dimension to each plate setting.

4.      Bettina

handpicked unique elegant box for your home

Adorn your dresser or armoire with this classic piece of jewelry box, it is sure to keep your heirlooms organized and protected.

5.      Alcee

handpicked carpet for your home

This modern carpet is a must-have to achieve a chic space. It comes in an abstract mix of the royal colors blue and gold.

6.      Benigno and Benigna

elegant table set for your home

Add a contemporary touch to your living room with this smart and trendy coffee table. You can either go for the black or khaki cover.

7.      Rialta

Luxe Table Lamp for your home

This table lamp will bring in a sophisticated ambiance to any room in your home. Its body made of high-quality stainless steel copper and the lampshade finished in fabric in a rich maroon hue.

8.      Mano

Oppulent light handpicked for your home

Flaunting an elegant design, this lamp boasts a graceful profile and can be placed in a vast selection of spaces.

9.      Marbelized Ball Accents

Grand Marbelized ball for your home

Your search for the perfect table accessory ends here. These pieces have a neutral color finish that will go well with all types of tables and backgrounds.

10.  Fina 

Luxe vase for your home

Stunningly simple and effortlessly elegant. Display your decorative floral arrangements with Fina.

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