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5 Simple Tricks to Accessorize Your Home With Glass and Crystals

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When an interior designer thinks of adding a personal touch to the scheme, then their go-to is to accessorize with glass and crystal are undoubtedly. They are timeless and classic accessories that can go with any and every design scheme and architecture theme you have had your home designed. Additionally, crystals are believed to hold healing energies, that can positively impact your home and your living space.

Crystal glass Box

Accessorizing home with glass and crystal can be done in many ways. A simple vase to hold a bouquet from your loved one can add that extra touch of elegance. Or keeping your family crystal heirloom that has been passed down from generations showcases the pride of your ancestors. You can even splurge on a hand-blown orb adding sophistication to the much-ignored corner of the room.

There are a number of ways by which one can add oomph with simply an antique chandelier. However, we have compiled 5 simple tricks below that can help you get the desired changes in your home decor!

#5 – Create a sparkle on your window.

Crystal Glass Chandelier

When sun rays pass through a crystal, it creates a unique effect and would fill the room with rainbows. You can simply get this effect by sprinkling an assortment of crystal along your windowsills or add a stunning chandelier. This can add a zing, a sparkle to your living room or maybe even in the children’s room. Moreover, you can enjoy and soak in the positive energy of both the sun and of the crystal combined.

#4 – Bring more love and relaxation to your bedroom.

Crystal Glass Accessory

Rose quartz is said to be a crystal love and so it is the most recommended crystal for your bedroom. This crystal has a soft pink hue that radiates heartwarming energy enabling you to resolve issues and anger, and eliminate your disappointments. Decorating your bedside table with rose quartz can help you with embracing love for each other and for yourself.

#3 – Add a new texture on your kitchen counter.

Clear counter

Replace your stereotypical plain kitchen counter or breakfast bar with a textured or an intricately designed glass counter. This brings a uniqueness to your kitchen. You can further give it a character by not going for a linear or a straight edge but a rough finish. Such simple changes can give it a rustic look and would speak volumes of your own love for nature and everything natural.

#2 – Make your floors look cooler.

glass floor

Wooden or carpeted floors are so cliche. Rather having a section of your floor made of glass can add that elegance to your corridor. You can place a section of glass floor directly below your skylight as it lets light travel on the lower levels. Or it can be directly above an underground wine cellar, helping you exhibit your exquisite wine collection.

#1 – Mix and match crystal with plants.

crystal glass vase

We have already established that crystals can bring a lot of good vibes in your home. Mixing and matching it with rejuvenating plants or succulents can create the ultimate healing atmosphere in your living space. The easiest way to create this aura is you can simply fill the vase with crystals and adding soil to fill any chasm. You can plant a succulent or maybe a cactus in here and water it as necessary. You can replace the succulent with some calming scented flowers such as lavender or jasmine to create a more relaxing atmosphere.

There is no set thumb rule to accessorize a home. The bottom line here is to create a positive and relaxing living space and quarters without compromising on elegance, sophistication and contemporary theme. The above are just a few guide points that we hope would help with designing or redesigning your home. You can browse through our exclusive Krystal collection for some more ideas.

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