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5 Tips on to How to Mix Metallics Decor Like a Pro

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When it comes to choosing a theme for the interior home decor, generally, we tend to go with a single-tone theme. This conservative approach is seen the most when the metallic decor is in the play. However, we have seen the result to be not so great. For example, using too much of gold decor can take the elegance away and make it look downright tacky.

On the other hand, some of our clients have realized that mixing up the metals can redefine luxury and elegance to their interior. The final interior can be soothing and a statement of both sophistication and class.

Mixing of metal brings out the beauty of the material and draws attention to the intricate details of the design. Moreover, it can reflect a bold attitude or of daring to your home. Based on our past experiences, we have come up with these pro tips that you can consider while mixing metals to your home decor.

Use metallic to balance the room temperature.

Conservatively, we choose the warm metals (like gold) being paired with warm hues (like whites, beiges, browns) and cold metals (like silver) with cold hues (like blues, greys, greens). However, by mixing and contrasting things a little you can accentuate the metallic character, giving a certain warmth to the room.

Pro-tip #1: Adding a gold dust wall clock to a lot of greys or blues can bring life to your room. Such contrasting use of metal not only evens out the room but also glams up your home accents.

Do not limit to mixing metals, you can play with finish and texture, as well.

When we speak of mixing it up, we are not just speaking of mixing different metal but the surface finish and texture, as well. We suggest you play with the surface finish (matte, polished, super-polished, aged, buffed, etc.) by contrasting hues of the metal. Consider pairing a sculpture of matte finish with a hammered texture creating a visual richness.

Pro-tip #2: For a modern look you can opt for a polished finish; brushed finishes are preferred for a contemporary look and the oiled option works like a charm for a traditional look.

White space is not just a visual delight, it creates a finesse to your home decor.

As much as we like to add elements to the interior, we need to be mindful of how each of them is placed. It’s crucial to not congregate all the metals on a single side of the room or on the same plane. Spacing them out and spreading them in different horizontal and vertical planes can make all the difference creating a visual delight. 

Pro-tip #3: You can consider incorporating light fixtures of dark, burnished gold finish if your room has a polished dining table. 

Keep it subtle by adding a complementing masterpiece or trinkets.

Let’s be real, too much of gold or silver or any other metal can be uncomfortable for the eyes. To keep the subtlety of the room, you can complement the metallic decor by pairing them with trinkets or even using a contrasting fabric with the metal. For example, having a light blue velvet fabric with golden legs is a good complementing combination for a side table. 

Pro-tip #4: A small silver sculpture or a dull gold leaf decor can add a dynamic to an otherwise symmetrical room. Alternatively, mirrors can be used to complement the depths of your metallic room. 

Experiment and starting small is the key to adding elegance to home decor.

We will be honest, changes can be hard getting used to, even if its a small decor change. In such cases, starting small can be helpful. For example, start with a corner of your room by adding an antique or a contemporary sculpture to it. This can help you get started and by starting small you are free to experiment with different looks, texture and even mix-and-match combination to bring out the character of the room. 

Pro-tip #5: The best way to start with glamming-up the room with metallic decor is by deciding on a single masterpiece that would dominate the room. You can maybe decide on a single large gold frame mirror. Or maybe gold leaves to add an element of elegance to the room. Once you have figured out the masterpiece of the room, you can then add fabrics or textures or other metallic hues to complement the overall vibe of the room. 

The best part about mix-and-match home decor is it brings a certain elegance and oomph to your home decor. One thing you should remember is not to be afraid of experimenting. If you are just starting to mix metal in your home you can start by trying out these intricate vases or maybe some wall decor.

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