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6 Home Decor Trends That You May Regret In A Few Years

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Home decors are mostly like fashion. There are timeless styles that can stand decades without losing their charm, and then there are fast trends that seemed like a good idea at the moment but will make you question yourself after they’ve overstayed their welcome. 

Of course, there are no strict rules that you should follow when it comes to sprucing up your space, but it doesn’t hurt if you consider longevity when choosing your decor. After all, unlike fashion where you can easily hide outdated pieces in the back of your closet, long-term home accents can take a lot of time, money, and effort to fix. 

In this article, we will talk about six home decor trends that you might regret later. 

1. Bright tiles

Tile Home Decor

Colorful tiles with bright bold patterns are all the rage right now, but they might not be here for the long haul. As lively and eye-catching they are, the problem with integrating strong, focused colors on your home is that they usually look dated in a couple of years, especially if you apply them on large spaces like bathrooms or kitchen counters. To work around this, you can go for more classic patterns and shapes⁠—or better yet, just choose a decor piece showcasing the aesthetic. 

2. Accent walls

Foyer Home Decor

Recent interior design trends have seen a rise in loud, accent wall designs. They’re a great design choice since they can double as an art piece, but experts project that there might be a shift on this trend in a few years. Of course, this shouldn’t stop you from going after that eye-catching pattern that you’ve been wanting, though you might have to consider the logistics of how easily you can change it in case you tire of it. Thankfully, there are a lot of stick-on wallpapers and wall patterns now that you can use without having to peel and scrub everything off. 

Another good option is to go for interesting wall accents instead. Art pieces are always a classic and timeless idea, but you can also go for the preppy look by installing three-dimensional pieces instead. 

3. Rounded or curvy furniture

Modern Home Decor

You’ve seen it on Instagram and Pinterest⁠—bubble-shaped sofas and even ball pillows are overtaking many homes at the moment because of their quirky aesthetic. Unless you are looking to purchase something that can stand the test of time though, it would be best to stick with classic, rectilinear shapes instead because they aesthetically age better.

If you really want to add some curves to your space, you can also dedicate smaller pieces (for example, a loveseat) to represent it. When choosing furniture, try to go for ones with more graceful, long slopes instead of chunky silhouettes.

4. Faux everything

Plants Home Decor

The faux trend had spent a pretty long time in the spotlight but it’s about time for it to step out of the stage. Faux textures (from furniture pieces to plants) tend to look too fake and even gimmicky in the long run. If you’re going for timeless, then your best bet is to still go for real, long-standing textures like wood and metal. If you think those are too boring, you always have the option to go after interesting shapes to express your personality. Oaklane, a furniture shop supplier in the Philippines, has a good collection of tables in abstract, tasteful silhouettes that you can choose from. 

5. Rose gold bling

Table Home Decor

We hate to break it to you, but as much as we love rose gold ourselves, they are not really here to last a long time. Rose gold pieces at home should actually be treated similarly to how you would accessorize yourself with this hue. They are great as accents, but can easily turn overkill when you pile them on. 

If you really love the color, you have other options that can be for the long-term. Copper is a perfect example because it has all the warmth of rose gold without the glare and the shine. The type of finish matters a lot, too⁠—to keep everything from looking cheap, you can go for burnished, more subdued finishes on some of your accents. 

6. Fast, affordable pieces

The price point is a very important consideration when buying a piece for your home, but as attractive it is for your wallet right now to go for fast furniture, they are not really a good monetary decision in the long run. This talks more about the quality than of the aesthetic element, but if you want something that can last, it is always better to save up than be trigger happy with buying pieces. 

If you’re not up for getting designer pieces, then you have a lot of options, too. You can source for vintage pieces or even scout for hand-me-downs from family. Sure, they probably may look outdated in terms of texture and design, but those are something that a good refurbishing and adjusting can easily fix. 

When it comes to home design, one major concept you should follow is to always base a decor from a classic style element. That doesn’t mean you should go for all traditional pieces with average silhouettes, but your piece should have at least one factor that can look timeless in the long run. 

Of course, quality matters a lot, too. Regardless of how pretty your purchase is, it won’t do you good if they are sloppily made. If you’re looking for aesthetic, sophisticated pieces that you can enjoy for a long time, you can visit Oaklane Home Staging for some much-deserved window shopping.

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