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9 Easy Breezy Tips To Turn Your Home Into A Cozy Haven

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Having an aesthetically pleasing home is good and all, but at the end of the day, what everyone wants is a space where you can easily relax and wind down. The good news is that, with the right home decor tips and techniques, you don’t really need to compromise one for the other and enjoy a home that you can both visually enjoy and feel comfortable living in. 

Browse our effortless tips below that can help turn your home into the cozy haven you’ve always wished it to be:

1. Get quality bedding

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you imagine comfort? Maybe it is cozy sheets? Feather-soft mattresses and pillows, perhaps? If you want to up the coziness level of your place, you definitely should start in the bedroom—after all, it’s the ultimate place where you sleep and rest. Invest in quality beddings. Cotton and linen are great if your place is always hot but quilted comforters are also a good idea if you prefer leaving the air conditioning in your room all the time. It’s best to stick to plain colors to keep your room from looking too visually-busy (which, by the way, also contributes to the coziness of your space) or look for materials with interesting patterns but one to three colors at best. Also, thread count matters, too! 

2. Stock up on candles

Candles have been all the rage lately and it’s time to get on this timeless trend. There’s just something about them that instantly makes everything comfortable and cozy. Moreover, they provide a double impact since they can also serve as additionals to your home decor theme. Thankfully, there are a lot of shops now that sell really great designs (think dried flowers and even crystals) with premium aromatherapy scents. For the best visual impact, we suggest you consider the holders or the cans where they come in as well—the Drabella Set are the perfect accessories for your coffee table or vanity with their elegant designs. 

3. Add warmth to your furniture

It’s often tricky to introduce an element of coziness to your existing furniture because you can easily go overboard if you don’t choose your home decor wisely. Our advice: add sparsely but wisely. Throws and pillows are a hit right now in interior design so go for pieces that are cozy but still make a statement. We personally prefer adding pillows because they are more functional, like a faux fur throw pillow that you just can’t help but snuggle all the time.

4. Lighting matters

When it comes to making your home cozy, you don’t always need to physically feel it. If you do it right, you can express it visually, too. Get a table lamp with warm lighting to set the right mood in your place. Depending on the part of your home, you can go for fancier designs, like the Rialta which is perfect for a living room side table, or the Mirella which is more minimalist and can fit right on your bedside table.

5. Add comfort down under

What’s better than being able to rest your feet in some warm rug after a long day of work? Installing rugs is an easy way of adding another cozy element into your space, though you’ll have to really choose the material it comes in to make sure that it complements your overall interior design. For example, having long-fur rugs can be overkill if you already have fur pillows (plus, they’re also a little harder to clean and maintain) so it’s best to go for carpets as an alternative. 

6. Declutter your space

The easiest way to really make your home comfortable and cozy is to declutter and organize. Having trinkets here and there can make for a visually-pleasing space but you also have to consider functionality. Unfortunately, there is a common misconception that organizing your home also means making it boring, but this is something you can easily prevent by choosing the right pieces. For example, bookends are a lifesaver when organizing all your books and adding a statement to your space. Elegant organizers can also make for an interesting table piece while doubling as a container for all your small things that would otherwise be just lying around. 

7. Introduce some plants into your home

Or, if you find them too high-maintenance, get faux ones that equally look as good without needing constant care. There’s just something about seeing something green in your home that can instantly relieve you from stress and worries. 

8. Get some eye-pleasing wall decor

Don’t you think it’s perfect to just be able to sit back and zone out while looking at a painting after a long day? Having an amazing artwork to gaze at can be equally relaxing, though of course, the design will be depending on your artistic inclination. Maybe you love abstract or a calming cityscape, perhaps?

9. Get some good curtains

Besides internal lighting, the amount of natural light that comes into your home also adds to its comfort factor. Natural light can instantly lift up your mood so go for curtains that can let them in but can also provide you with enough coverage for when you prefer your room a little dimmer. Double curtains can help in this situation by letting you control the amount that comes in.

Creating a cozy home is not as much of a complicated work as others think it is. There’s a misconception that going for comfort means you’ll have to settle for a drab-looking space, but you can definitely hit the sweet spot with the right tips and techniques like the ones above. Remember also to keep everything in balance and to go for pieces that complement each other to still tie everything together.

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