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Your Personality Revealed, According To Your Home Design

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Home design is a perfect channel for self-expression. Similar to how we dress to give everyone a glimpse of our personalities, the way we decorate our private spaces offers an intimate look to our priorities, interests, and aspirations. After all, you wouldn’t be comfortable living in a space that doesn’t seem to speak to you, right?

When was the last time you took a good look at your home decor? Have you ever considered if it truly reflects your personality? Below, we talk about what your home interior reveals about yourself.

1. The Minimalist

Personality: organized, simple, and methodical

A minimalist home decor is all about efficiency and simplicity. From the way you choose your furniture to how you arrange it, you’re all about making the most of what you have minus all the clutter and frills. Following the minimalist aesthetic boils down to paring down everything to their most basic design elements without sacrificing aesthetic style. You’re the type of person who has a clear vision of what you want and knows exactly how to get them.

2. Scandinavian

Personality: humble, friendly, and open

The Scandinavian aesthetic is probably one of the trendiest interior concepts lately. It’s a little bit similar to the minimalist approach but with more homey and warm themes with its use of warm timber tones and bright whitewash hues. If you’re particularly drawn to this design, then chances are high that your personality is the same—you are friendly, open, and considers comfort a priority. You also prefer a stylish approach that’s more subdued but curated still when it comes to aesthetic impact. 

3. Industrial

Personality: focused, trendy, efficient, modern

An industrial home design is not easy to pull off. Some people don’t find comfort in the strong lines and unpolished textures that this aesthetic considers as its cornerstones, but those who do are a true example of having true focus and love for modern design. When executed well, industrial home decor can also give off a laid-back vibe, albeit using different design approaches.

4. Biophilic

Personality: down-to-earth and grounded

A biophilic home decor involves using greenery and other natural materials as a means to connect to the natural charm of nature. Those who love this interior approach are down-to-earth and grounded, though they differ from the minimalist lovers in a way that they prefer pops of color when creating their space. You also have a fresh and cool design perspective, not to mention a deep investment in your space since this home design can often be more high maintenance than others.

5. Modern Farmhouse

Personality: Chic, trendy, rustic

Love sliding barn doors and varnished surfaces? Having a modern farmhouse home design is a little hard to pull off because you can easily go overboard with it, but when applied well, can be one of the coziest home themes ever. Having this kind of interior theme means you have a love for the chic yet rustic, with equal interest in both comfort and elegance. The modern farmhouse design is all about companionship and community and is perfect if you love gathering friends and family in a comfortable space. 

6. Contemporary

Personality: forward-thinking and unique

While used interchangeably to describe the modern design trend, a contemporary home interior is all about design that is current and fresh. It reflects what’s hot at the moment or what is about to grow in popularity. If you have this as your home design, then it means that you have a very unique taste in things and a love for trying new trends that are out of the box. You may also be very dynamic since a contemporary design—being all about the present—may require constant changing once a new trend starts to roll in. 

7. Classic

Personality: elegant, romantic, luxurious

Classic home decor is all about elegance and romanticism. Think lace and silk and porcelain—everything about this home design is sophisticated, luxurious, and chic. If you’re drawn to this aesthetic, then you’re someone who has a strong sense of style and a dedication to flair. While some may say that taking this design approach can compromise comfort, some well-executed classic home interior tips can help you find the sweet spot that can marry the two. The key is to take the right elements from this theme and apply them according to what fits your lifestyle the most.

So which of these home design themes do you have in your home? Do you agree with the personality that they reflect? Regardless of what decor you have going on in your personal space, however, it is important to remember at the end of the day that your comfort should take your number one priority when arranging it. Rather than letting your home decor decide who you are, follow the opposite approach and find something that you feel most at ease with.

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