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Bring Summer Into Your Home With These Simple Design Tips

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There’s something about the summer season that instantly brightens up and uplifts everyone’s mood. It’s not surprising at all then that this design theme is such a favored choice of many. After all, if you’ve been craving for a good summer getaway but can’t risk going out, the next best thing to do is to bring the season’s airy and cheerful vibes into your home instead! Wondering how to do that? These simple tips will teach you how: 

1. Play with colors. 

Missing the beach lately? Recreate the feeling by adding nautical touches to your home. Think woods and blues when considering new pieces that you can add to your design and play with the concept of contrast. The idea is to create an aesthetic theme within your home that is equally bright and airy. You can easily do this by using accent pieces, like a deep royal blue rug and throw pillows in summer colors. If you feel more invested in making long-term changes, you can even change the flooring of your home into wood and maybe paint key pieces of your space with earth colors like olive green and amber. Don’t know where and how to start with the visualization? Create the mindset of looking at your home as a vacation house and everything will soon follow.

Tip: Do you feel like tropical colors are cliche? You can still go for a summer-themed home by using metallics instead. Unlike summer palettes that can sometimes be too loud, metallic accessories in bronze, gold, and rose gold are more subdued and romantic while still providing that pop of brightness. 

2. Change your beddings.

One quick way of incorporating the summer look into your home is changing the prints of your beddings, covers, and pillows. Florals, of course, are a tried and tested way to inject the theme into a space, but if you’re not a big fan of it, you can also opt for geometric shapes and patterns in bright colors. What’s great with this is that while it does give an instant facelift to your home, you can easily change it back in case you want to try another home design.  

3. Let the light in. 

The summer season is really all about sunshine and open spaces where you can frolic and enjoy. If you’re thinking of creating the same feeling within your home, you can easily do this by taking away heavy accessories and furniture and switching them up with lighter pieces to open up visual space. Of course, natural light also plays a very important role here, so make sure you open your windows during the day and maybe even switch up your curtains to lighter fabrics. Have a smaller area? Adding a mirror can create the illusion of a bigger home!

4. Take it outside. 

You don’t really need to go on a full trip just to get the vibes of summer. Do you have a garden, porch, or even a small balcony? If you do, then you can easily set up a sitting or dining area where you can spend some time outdoors without actually leaving your home. Wooden furniture is a great choice for furniture while terracotta pieces can inject some added charm into your outdoor set-up. Polish things up with some string lights and you are good to go. 

5. Add some greenery and florals. 

Is summer really summer without some potted plants and fresh blooms? Another easy way to give your home a quick vibe of this season is through potted succulents and fresh flowers here and there. Pair them up with some quality rattan or bamboo pieces and you can feel instantly transported to the beach. Not a big fan of plants? Just like with colors, another option you can try to add brightness to your home is through gold accessories. These wall accents from Oaklane are perfect if you want to spice up your walls. 

6. Use wall art.

What better way to incorporate your love for summer traveling than putting up your favorite photos of them on your wall? Not only is this very cost-friendly to do, but these photos also make for good conversation pieces when you have guests over. Adding some variation on your wall set-up is a good idea as well, like a painting reminiscent of summer that can tie the concept together. 

Going for a summer-themed home is always a classic and foolproof choice for those who like things bright, spacious, and airy. You don’t need to give your home a total overhaul to nail the look, too. By following these simple tips, you can easily incorporate your love for the season without investing too much in a home facelift.

It is important, however, that you make the right choices when selecting the pieces for your home. If you’re looking for elegant accents and home fixtures that can add a touch of elegant summer romance to your abode, you can check out our pieces here at Oaklane to find some creative inspirations. Just head to this link to start window-shopping now. 

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