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Transform Your Home Into A Pinterest-Worthy Space With These Design Ideas

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Your home is the greatest reflection of who you are. It is your safe haven from the rest of the world, the one place you can truly be yourself. Whatever you allow into your own personal space becomes an extension of your peace of mind, self-worth, and overall happiness, 

The best thing about having your own space is that how you fix it up will be entirely up to you. Gone are the days when you would need to spend a lot of money to hire an interior decorator to style, source, and execute all your home improvement ideas for you. While that is still a great and viable option, not everybody has the budget to make it happen. Nowadays, you can cut the middle man, source furniture suppliers online yourself, and leave it to the internet to provide free tips, curated suggestions and house design ideas for every kind of home and budget imaginable, and Pinterest is no doubt the best online space to get inspiration.

In this post, we will be providing you with tried and tested house design ideas that will instantly transform your home into the Pinterest board of your dreams.

1. Give your lighting an upgrade

Whether it’s a stunning chandelier or a simple yet classy table lamp, great lighting is always worth it. For one, it can set the tone for the rest of the day or evening. Make sure you pick warm tones over bright white light for accent lights when you feel like winding down or having guests over, as it is more relaxing and easy on the eyes. These kinds of lights are perfect for your dining room, bedroom, and alfresco or garden areas. 

However, it is wise to designate certain spots for some bright, white lights in spaces of your home where you will need to improve focus, concentration, and line of sights such as your home office, bedside reading light, or kitchen. 

Alternatively, natural lighting is still the best kind of lighting. At least during the day. So make sure your space has a lot of open, airy spaces with windows where natural light can enter.

2. Have stylish bookshelves and of course, books!

The wise educator Horace Mann once said: “A house without books is like a room without windows. No man has a right to bring up his children without surrounding them with books if he has the means to buy them.” And we are with him on this. Books are a basis for all learning. They are portals to different worlds, concepts, stories, and points of view. 

Whether it’s magazines, novels, or even a huge collection of encyclopedias, they definitely do not belong in boxes in your basement or attic. We need to put these books on a pedestal and make sure there is a special yet practical spot for them in our space. For bigger, more visual books like magazines or coffee table books, it is best to have them on a stylish yet sturdy coffee table, in your living room or receiving area where they are easily accessible. These will make for great conversation starters, especially when you have guests over for coffee. 

For smaller books, bookends are a good alternative, especially in smaller homes that do not have enough space for a full-sized bookshelf. Depending on your personal preference, bookends serve as an efficient book storage and aesthetic home decor in one, and you can easily coordinate it with the other details of your home.

3. Utilize your walls 

You may beg to disagree, but we believe that wallpaper with strong textures and patterns should be a thing of the past. For one, it will make space seem smaller and more cluttered than it actually is.  Also, the most pinned house design ideas on Pinterest are all about white walls (or cement finishing if you’re going for something more industrial) with works of art, wooden or metal accents, or a nice mirror that gives an illusion of more space. 

Another good idea is to add some plants around your plain white walls. Put them in beautiful pots or vases that accentuate your personal style preferences. Having plants indoors isn’t just to achieve that Pinterest-worthy feels, they also help clean the air by absorbing toxins and free radicals, increasing humidity & producing oxygen.
There are many ways to upgrade your space into the Pinterest mood board of your dreams. Check out our pieces here at Oaklane and get inspired. Just head over here and we can start creating your Pinterest-worthy home!

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