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Classic Home Decor Elements That Will Give You The Romantic House Of Your Dreams

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Are you a big fan of the classics? Perhaps you’ve always wanted a home that’s reminiscent of Marie Antonette’s era or one that’s touched by the elegance of Fitzgerald Darcy’s time. If you’ve always dreamed of turning your home into your very own period era nook, then a classic home decor theme is the perfect choice for you. 

In a time of numerous home decor trends, it can sometimes be challenging to pull off such a sophisticated house design without going overboard. In this article, we feature all the ways you can make it a reality with the following elements.

1. Think gold

Gold is such a tricky finish to play with, but when used well, can instantly transform the look of a home. Classic interior home design is synonymous with gilded fixtures, and the key is to use it sparsely but wisely to lend a certain richness to your space. Go for elegant gilded furniture like mirrors which, besides being perfect accents, can also help open up your space. These gilded mirrors are perfect for your home if you want to add a touch of modernity to your theme. 

2. Elegant blings 

Chandeliers are a non-negotiable piece if you want to nail the classic home interior design feel. You don’t necessarily need to go for grand, luxurious ones, but we suggest a touch of vintage or crystal to it if you want to stay loyal to the theme. The placing of your chandelier is also an important factor. Most of the time, they are installed in the living room or entrance hall where they can be immediately seen. 

3. Curated art

A classic home will not be complete without some tasteful paintings hanging on your wall. No, you don’t need a Da Vinci to achieve this, but some elegant subjects and themes can make a world of change in your home. Abstract is always a good idea, not to mention they can be amazing conversational pieces, too. Framing and positioning are also very important when handling your art. Gilded, golden frames can make a piece look immediately expensive and chic, and you can even get creative and create your very own “art museum wall” in one corner of your home. To tie things up together, choose the best lighting that can accentuate your pieces.

4. Marble and porcelain

Marble and porcelain are two materials that can be easily associated with a classic home design theme. Not to mention they are timeless and age gracefully, too. If you can’t go for extensive installations using marble, you can always drive the theme home by using them strategically like on countertops and accent tables. Home accessories made of porcelain such as vases also pack power when styled well. 

5. Tasteful curtains

Delicate lace, florals, and chinoiserie are just some of the best styles when it comes to choosing curtains for your classic themed home design. Still, be a little careful when choosing your print because they can easily make your room look dated if not picked well. Another piece of advice, when installing them, go for floor-length ones to add height to your room. This is a good technique to use if you’re also afraid of making your home look stuffy. 

6. Carpeting

Rich, lush carpeting is another classic home decor that you should consider. Choose ones with simple patterns if your home accents are on the rich side and go for the creatively designed patterns if you want to go easy on the walls and furniture. You also don’t need to go for a full carpet if you’re worried about maintenance but do make sure that you put your piece on an easily visible area like the living room if you do. 

7. Sophisticated accents

One of the signatures of a classic home interior trend is the accents that go with the look. If you think buying actual busts and expensive vases is too much, you can always go for more practical ones that still align with the theme. For example, candle holders are always effective in adding a touch of romance into a space, while bookends can also serve as perfect accessories for your mini library. Pillows are also great functional accessories to fill up your couches, similar to jeweled boxes that you can put on your living room tables. 

Turning your space into the classical home of your dreams can be easy as long as you are smart in choosing the best pieces and accents for it. Looking for the best place to shop for sophisticated and elegantly designed pieces? Go check out our collections to start your window shopping now. 

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