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10 Home Decor Tips to Make Your Space More Instagram-Worthy

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Are you looking to take your room’s aesthetic to the next level? Since the majority of people are spending time at home as much as possible, decorating your private space is an exciting project that not only makes it worth sharing on social media but also affects our wellbeing. 

In fact, according to Harper’s Bazaar, how our living spaces look has a direct impact on how we feel, be it calm, positive, or comforted. So decorating a home may be daunting, it would be a great opportunity to use your creative juices, and channel your energy into something that will benefit you in the long run. 

In case you’re clueless on where to start, here are some home decor tips to make your space more Instagram-worthy:

1. Pull a Marie Kondo and tidy up

Before anything else, you should get rid of the clutter that may hinder you from achieving the aesthetic you’re aiming for. If you’re not willing to let some things go completely, put them in a box and store them strategically, like under your bed or above your closet. 

2. Plan your space in advance

Determine the atmosphere you’re trying to create in your space. You can get inspiration from Pinterest or take cues from your favorite shows, movies, or even celebrities and influencers. You should also take your time looking for different options to save on money. This process will hinder you from making purchases that may not go well with the overall look you’re going for. 

3. Think in vertical

Use vertical spaces such as racks or shelves to increase walking space, and reduce clutter at the same time. To add to this, open shelving attracts the eye and gives you the option to change the styling when you feel like it. It’s also a great way to show off your favorite books and small decor pieces. 

4. Create the illusion of a bigger space with mirrors

Installing mirrors in your room is a great way of making your room look bigger than it actually is. If you can afford it, go for a floor-length mirror in an interesting shape, but if you’re on a tight budget, you can opt for smaller mirrors. Just make sure they look nice together.

5. Curate a personal gallery

Add a personal touch, and express yourself by curating a personal gallery. From pictures to paintings, feel free to frame things that inspire you or make you happy. You can make your gallery as big or small as you like. Plus, it adds a unique element of “you” to your room. 

6. Mix and match

Add some depth to your room by mixing pieces together. Put a faux fur throw on a leather chair or use different styles of seats. Make sure these elements complement each other and everything still looks put together.

7. Go bargain hunting for unique pieces

You don’t have to spend a ton to decorate your space. Explore garage sales and thrift stores for unique pieces that don’t cost an arm and leg. In case you’re hesitant about going out right now, you can opt to scour second-hand finds on online stores or social media. Just make sure to sanitize your finds thoroughly. 

8. Make it glow

Invest in exceptional lighting fixtures to add some character to your space. Whether you’re going for an elegant Parisian vibe or boho chic mood, have fun looking for pieces that will literally light up your room.

9. Add some life

Whether you’re a plantita or not, you should consider buying affordable succulents, plants or flowers to add some texture and vibrance to your space. Not only do they make your room look more put-together, but they also give you fresh air to breathe. However, if you don’t have a green thumb, you can opt to buy faux plants instead.

10. Be patient

Remind yourself that you don’t have to go broke by filling up every space immediately. Decorating a home is a slow and steady process, and you shouldn’t pressure yourself to make it perfect in one go. You should be able to add and update your room’s aesthetic as you fit. 

In case you need more inspiration to jumpstart your interior design project, read up on the latest trends in home decor. However, you should bear in mind that while it’s nice to be hip and en vogue, your room should reflect you and your personal style. Plus, you should consider the functionality of the pieces you’re buying. 

At the end of the day, you want your room to be a reflection of the amazing things that make you unique, so have fun with the project, and enjoy the process. While it feels good to be validated by others, make sure you’re guided by what makes you happy. This home decor project is all about you. It’s your room after all. 
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