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Home Décor – 6 Furniture Pieces You Can Remove from Your Living Room Designs

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When you walk into your living room, do you get the feeling there isn’t any space? Do you have the constant fear of bumping into your furniture? If you have one or both these feelings, it’s time to change your interior design. Playing around with the living room designs can transform this space and make it aesthetically pleasing–and functional. With the additional area, you can now have a yoga session, play with your pets, and dance away your boredom, while you spend time indoors. Oaklane PH has a list of six pieces of furniture you don’t need to include in your living room home décor.

1. Bookshelf

Bookshelves make your living room designs look rustic while giving you the space to store all your favorite books in one place. Although it is functional, it isn’t necessary. For starters, bookshelves tend to be bulky, which makes your living room look small. Also, is it necessary to keep every single book with you?

Ebook readers make bookshelves redundant as you can use these devices to carry all the books you love with you, everywhere you go. Instead, you can go for smaller pieces of furniture such as night tables, to store a small number of books. Another bookshelf alternative will be to mount shelves on your walls. Not only do these items take low amounts of space, but they are also practical. As a result, your books will complement the interior design.

2. Coffee Table

If you look at the majority of the living room designs, you will observe the coffee table to be a common theme. It makes sense to have this piece of furniture, as you can have conversations with your guests and friends around it. However, it can take a lot of unnecessary space, which you can put to better use.

One way would be to replace it with multi-purpose furniture, which is flexible enough to adapt to your social situation and lifestyle. For instance, chairs and nesting tables are excellent alternatives to the coffee table, as you can move them around with ease.

However, if you were to remove your coffee table from the living room, what about all the items you place on it? Well, you can store them in stylish containers, to make your space look clean and stylish.

3. Desks

Having a desk in your living room gives you space where you can work or focus on your hobbies. While this piece of furniture can be useful to you, it isn’t practical to keep it in this area of your household. Due to its size, it occupies a substantial area, taking away from the spaciousness of your living room.

You can move the desk to your bedroom or study room, as this furniture will serve its purpose in these parts of your household. With the newfound space, look for ways you can make the most of it.

4. Entertainment Center

The entertainment center is central to your home décor, as it is both functional and matches the modern or contemporary interior design. However, if you were to look at this piece of furniture from a practical point of view, you will start to notice it takes up unnecessary space.

Due to the innovation in the TV industry, every popular manufacturer focuses on reducing the thickness and weight of these electronics. As you watch your favorite TV shows and movies on online platforms, you no longer need a DVD player or set-top box.

An entertainment center can make your living room designs look and feel small. If you were to opt for media consoles, this will no longer be a problem. Now, you can make your TV like a work of art or an accessory. If it has support for wall-mount, you can go for a minimalistic look. Keep your TV as a central piece, while you hang paintings next to it, to create a unique aesthetic. You can get creative and use these home décor accessories to hide the TV’s wiring. 

5. End Tables

You love keeping end tables next to your sofa, as these pieces of furniture provide you with a space to keep accessories. Although this is a common and functional practice, you don’t need them to be a part of all your seating arrangements. The problem with end tables is that they make every space look and feel cramped.

If you have any end tables as part of your home décor in your living room, understand why you are using these pieces of furniture. If the sole purpose is to display your lamps, you can do away with them.

One way to change up the home décor is to integrate plants into your seating arrangements. By adding flowers or plants to your living room designs, you change the energy and vibe of this space.

6. Recliners

Who doesn’t love to have recliners as part of the living room design? These furniture pieces are excellent when it comes to comfort. However, they take up unnecessary space, as you need to make sure there is enough room to raise your feet. As they reduce how much area is available in your living room, you should do away with them.

By removing recliners, you get the opportunity to update the aesthetics of this space. Play around with the seating arrangement to find what works in the living room design. If you don’t have a carpet, get a large one. A rug can make any area in your household feel spacious. Also, you can design the rest of your living room space around the carpet.

As you can see, removing these furniture pieces from your living room is beneficial from a storage and practical point of view. By decluttering this part of your household, you make it appealing to the eye. Make sure how you furnish this area matches your space and lifestyle.

Oaklane PH can help you transform your living room designs, with functional, stylish, and multi-purpose furniture and home décor. Get in touch to learn more about how you can give your home a makeover with the right home accents and furnishings!

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