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We Are Oaklane

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A house is one’s safe haven, it is where we seek rest, refuge, and rejuvenation from the battlefield that is the outside world. It is an extension of ourselves, and whether we realize it or not, it is a reflection of our inner space and one of the best investments we can ever make.

As a retail team here at Oaklane, we take pride in helping our clients turn their space into a masterpiece by helping out with their home decor, home staging, and home design, from curated art pieces to lighting fixtures, to actual furniture. We take into account each of their specific lifestyle needs, using the elements of a “personal touch” and spot-on curation at play. If you’re thinking of making changes to your home lately, take this as the sign you’ve been waiting for and keep reading. We might just be what you are looking for. We are Oaklane.

Here at Oaklane, our goal is to design a home around a definitive lifestyle by emotionally connecting people with creative interiors that fulfill their desires. Here is why you should work with us:

Exceptional Customer Service 

While we are huge fans of classic and romantic home decor elements, we still prefer to follow through with each client’s personal vision by all means. If our clients do not see what they need in our showroom, we can special order what they actually want, without compromising their vision. It is their house, after all.

It does not matter if it is a home office, a wellness or fitness room, or a space to entertain guests, we have options that can create an inspiring home, from your carpets to your furniture, to your lighting fixtures.

Well-Trained Design Team

Oaklane is a company of 10-25 employees. To be honest, we see this number as an advantage. Though we strive for growth in all aspects, we take pride in our small but well-trained and knowledgeable design team whose expertise extends to more than just houses. These design and curation services extend to offices, retail shops, and commercial spaces. 

We honor the principles of good design, but we are also open to innovation. We take what we’ve learned as professional designers and bend them to meet our client’s personal vision, giving it a personal touch. 

Active and Intuitive Online Presence

While face-to-face client meetings are put on hold due to the 2020 pandemic, we are flexible enough to do everything, from consultations to product viewing online. Our website is simple, easy on the eyes, and simple enough to navigate through, even for the non-tech savvy.

To add to that, we are also present on social media. From Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Our team also created a blog of home design and home decor tips and suggestions everyone can learn from.

Who Are We Looking To Work With at Oaklane?

Oaklane targets individuals who aim to create the space of their dreams. We love working on different kinds of client visions and challenges, solving one design-related problem after another. We aim to enhance their space by curating high-quality furniture and fixtures. 

We also aim to work with interior designers and decorators who are looking for home items that they can use to add value and personality to their clients’ spaces. 

Are you ready to make your dream home a reality? Contact us today to get started.

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