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6 Small Home Décor Items That Make a Huge Difference

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As the lockdown is forcing you to stay indoors to curb the spread of the pandemic, you realize that you need to refresh your home. Most people in the same mindset will assume that they need to invest large sums of money to make a difference. Fortunately, you don’t have to go down this path, as there are countless ways you can integrate your personality into the interiors of your household.

Go bold and big? How about emphasizing on small home décor? Small changes can have a significant aesthetic impact on the interiors. Use this list to give you ideas on how you can add new life to the home décor, plus you can get these items from Oaklane!

1. Carpets

Wherever you decide to place your carpet in your household, it provides a sense of structure to your space. It adds texture and warmth to your floor while decreasing footfall. When you place your furniture on the carpet, it grounds the piece and the room.

If you have a small room, you can use the carpet to make it look bigger than its actual size. The rug you pick should have enough room to place all your furniture. If you are unable to find one, you can go for a carpet where the furniture’s front leg is on it. Go for carpets with lighter shades, as they reflect light to make your room feel open and big.

2. Mirrors

One of the best ways to liven up the interior is with mirrors. These small home décor items can make a significant difference, transforming your space completely. Mirrors work as they reflect the light that falls on them. They make your room feel expansive while adding more depth to the interior.

When it comes to placing a mirror, you need to make sure it is in the right place. You should keep it in a location that receives natural light for the best results. Keep in mind that you need to pick up giant mirrors or expensive ones for this trick to work. 

3. Pillows

Although these décor items are small, they can make all the difference when you use them properly. It is an essential accessory that can add luxury, texture, and color, without having to break the bank. The best part about pillows is that you can change them depending on the trend and season. It allows you to draw attention to your personality. You can use this home décor item to make your space look comfortable and cozy.

Additional tip: Use pillows in different colors to make your furniture stand out. Think of your space as a canvas and home décor items as the paint you use to bring your creation to life. 

4. Plants

Plants are an inexpensive and excellent way to redecorate your interior space. Due to their ability to change the atmosphere of your room, get creative on how you use them. Depending on the type of plant you get, you can complement various parts of your space. For example, if there is an empty area in your room, they can fill up that region.

You can use them to make your home décor look unique and healthy. At the same time, you can draw attention to your space’s connection with nature. If you don’t feel like experimenting with colors, plants are your alternative. They can inject different hues which make you feel comfortable with your space.

5. Sculptures

A large number of people don’t know what to do with sculptures, which is why they tend to overlook this home décor item. You don’t need to opt for large pieces, as you can always go for something smaller, to match your interior style.

Experiment with this home décor item to understand how you can use it in your household. You can use it to bring everything in your room together, to make it look and feel complete. Think of these sculptures as the finishing touches you can apply to your space. They can also add depth to your room. The texture of these interior design items can change the tone of your space. Go through Oaklane’s extensive list of sculptures, to discover which one can transform your room.

6. Lighting

Lighting is always a game-changer when it comes to making a considerable difference in your home décor. It has the power to change the ambiance of your space while adding design and drama simultaneously. You don’t have to go for large light pieces for the transformation.

Even something as simple as a table or wall lamp can make a significant difference. You don’t have to rely only on overhead lighting. With a table lamp, you can add a source of light from a different height.

Follow these home décor tips and give your interior space a makeover, without having to overspend. Out of all these accessories, which ones were your favorites?

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