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How to Style Your New Home this 2019

If you’re planning to do a home renovation for the sake of updating your home or selling your property in the future, then interior design—specifically home staging is an art form that you should master. For those of you who are not familiar with the term, home staging is a practice wherein a seller intentionally prepares their home for a presentation, usually an open house. It’s been proven that doing so adds value to a property, with home-staged homes earning better market value than those who do not. 

There are home staging rules, however, that can also be helpful in styling your home for personal reasons. Read on below for some of 2019’s interior style tips that can make your abode attractive to both you AND possible buyers. 

Clean, clear, and crisp

Home staging is all about presentation. Imagine going inside a store and looking around for items to buy. Wouldn’t you feel more welcomed and enthusiastic to look around if everything has proper lighting and is organized to its right places? Regardless of whether you’re planning to sell your home in the future or not, this is one basic and timeless home renovation tip you should follow. 

For 2019, one of the hottest trends is using statement lighting pieces in metal and industrial designs. These pieces are great because not only are they functional, they also serve as art pieces that can add an extra dash of flair into your new home. 

Function over eclecticism

Everyone loves a little personality in their home, but one should know how to draw the line between quirky and messy. 2019 is all about the concept of minimalism with a twist, and the theme bleeds into the very function of the separate pieces inside the home, too.

Think: multifunctional furniture like coffee tables that also serve as mini bookshelves or seats with secret compartments. This tip particularly works best for home staging—everyone loves a working, organized-looking home. 

Blush, pastel tones

2019 seems to be the year for light-colored and neutral tones. We’re talking about pink, taupe, and muted aquamarine, colors that are easy on the eyes and bounce back light pretty well. One of the top trends of the year leans heavily on the clean, natural aesthetic and these tones serve the purpose well.

Painting your interiors with these hues is a basic home staging rule too. If you’re planning to sell your home in the future, it would be better to lean away from bright glaring colors that can easily offend and shock and stick to lighter ones that are easier on the eyes. Pastel hues also serve as an easier base to manage in case your buyer wants to add a fresh layer of paint on the walls. 

The year of copper

2018 was all about rose gold. It was on furniture, on dinnerware, literally on EVERYTHING. This 2019, the obsession for the color wavers a little as it ushers in the popularity of earth-themed, copper tones. “Biophilia”, a principle focused on the connection of human and nature grows more this year and with this comes the preference for tones that remind aesthetically of nature. Custom-made and handcrafted pieces with a natural, rustic feel to them are also hot this year.

Retro Chic

Say goodbye to sharp, clean, industrial designs. This year is all about the softness and charm of the retro vintage movement. People are painting their walls blush and switching their leather couches with velvet. Rather than the modern-looking, no-nonsense designs that have dominated the home renovation scene for the past couple of years, interior designers are finally leaning towards softer and more fluid curves.

A word of advice though: if you’re thinking of re-selling your home, go easy on decking your abode with vintage. Not everyone might like living in the 70s, after all. If you really are set on the retro look, however, you can use modern updated pieces like velvet couches in hip colors like millennial pink and sunny yellow.

Matte everything

Gone are the days when high-shine finishes are all the rage. Following the love for a retro, subdued sort of style, matte has, once again, become one of the most popular trends of 2019. Whether it be on walls and on surfaces of appliances or furniture, pieces in this texture (especially the ones in neutral and pastel colors) have become a hot favorite among home renovators. 

Extra tip if you’re planning to sell your home in the future:

Do NOT make it personal. 

If you’re planning to sell your new home soon enough, then this is one advice you should heavily consider. One challenge in designing (or re-designing a home) is that you have to make it stand out while still making it relatable for everyone. Just because you like art deco doesn’t automatically mean that your possible buyers will, so it’s best to step away from your personal preferences and stick to themes and trends that can appeal to a wider range of tastes.

This doesn’t mean you have to make it boring though. Hitting the sweet spot between unique and appealing is a must—something a professional interior designer or home stager would know how to do.

Thinking of looking for a professional interior designer or home staging expert? Once you’ve locked down on a provider, don’t forget to make the purpose of the project clear to them. They should know if you’re planning to stay in your home for the long run or if you’re planning on putting it on the market in the next couple of years or so.

Their design decisions and execution techniques will pretty much rely on this factor—should they recommend styling decisions that are easy to dismantle just in case a new homeowner wants to take it down? Do they have more room for creativity in styling your home according to your professional preference? Lay it all on them and you’ll surely have a successful home renovation in your hands. 

Still don’t have anyone to help you out? You can reach out to us as well for recommendations on professionals that can turn your current abode into your dream home.

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