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Want to Make Your House Look Expensive? These Oaklane Pieces Will Do the Trick

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Luxury-Grade Pieces to Make Your House Look Expensive

You don’t need to spend a fortune just to make your house look expensive, but you do need to know what kind of things will make it feel more luxurious. This is especially true when you have space constraints and budgeted funds.

However, if you’re going to splurge on a piece or two of furniture that will add luxury to your home, make sure you choose quality over quantity. These Oaklane pieces will give you valuable home decor ideas for your next house project.

If you’re looking for simple ways to add extravagance to your home, here’s what you can do.

make your house look expensive

Opt for real plants like Hydrangea or some of our succulents.

If you’re looking to invest in plants, there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, real plants like this beautiful cream Hydrangea cost more than fake ones because they’re more expensive to grow and maintain. If you’re on a budget but still want to make your house look expensive, here’s a trick:


If you live near an area known for its tropical climate, consider investing in some set of succulents or cacti instead! They’ll give off the same vibe as their natural counterparts without requiring any upkeep whatsoever. 

make your house look expensive

Use quality lighting like our very own Milana.

Use dimmable bulbs. If you install a chandelier, it’s worth considering the quality of your lighting fixtures. A good wall lamp like Milana should be able to be dimmed so that one may use it at night without having to turn on the overhead lights first.


Consider using pendant lights instead of chandeliers when hanging artwork above dining tables. If possible, buy recessed ceiling fans instead of standard models so they don’t stick out too far from walls and ceilings. These tips don’t only give space for more design pieces, these definitely make your house look expensive.

make your house look expensive

Highlight a statement piece like the Giucnia wall accent or the Gold Forest painting.

A statement piece is a focal point that can be used in your home to make an impact. They stand out from the rest of your décor and grab attention. It might be a piece of furniture or a wall decor such as this lovely metal decor Giucnia. It doesn’t have to be costly or high-end—anything you want will do as long as they make look your house expensive! They can also be used as room dividers and even as decorative objects.


For example, consider getting this Gold Forest abstract painting if you’re looking for something unique but don’t know where to start. Perhaps an antique mirror would work better—there’s no wrong answer here! 

make your house look expensive

Make key furniture pieces like our Zeta vase the center of attention.

If you have a single piece of high-end furniture, it’s tempting to make your house expensive by using it as an accent. You can pair that one piece with other decor elements, like this distinct gold Zeta vase. But if you want your room to look cohesive and balanced, it’s best not to make the same mistake twice.


Instead of using multiple pieces of high-end home decor in the same room, consider making key elements stand out by using color and texture instead of a pattern. For example, use a bold hue on your couch instead of pairing it with neutral colors like white or cream (this will bring attention immediately). Paint everything else in neutral tones so that when people look at your couch from across the room, they see something distinctly different from what surrounds them!

Acquire Elegant Home Decor From the Design Experts

There are many ways to use high-end home decor and luxury goods in your everyday life. You can bring it into your home or use the items as part of a table setting. Whether you want to add a touch of glamour to an entryway or create a relaxing atmosphere with lighting fixtures, these tips can help you make your house look expensive!

We bet you’re now excited to put these ideas into action! Oaklane can help you get your hands on these luxurious home decor. Check out our page for the wide array of home design pieces, and start turning your dream home into a reality.