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5 Curated Oaklane Pieces To Bring The Holiday Feels At Home

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The Christmas season is always the perfect time to spruce up your home decor. Whether you’re a fan of the usual embellishments common to the holidays—everybody has at least one elf on a shelf or a grinning Santa Claus stashed somewhere in their holiday boxes—or prefer a more subdued holiday style, this time of the year calls for an extra festive spin on your interiors so you could catch up to the cheerful spirit. 

If you’re the type of homeowner who prefers the more elegant Christmas home decor, then you’ve stumbled on the right article. Here, we list five essential holiday decoration pieces from us here at Oaklane that can bring cheer to your home. 

1. Sparkle with crystals.

Holiday Candle holders

There are so many ways you can add that extra dose of sparkle to your interiors even without the usual fairy lights or tinsels. Our Krystal Collection of accessories are made with glass, crystals, and mirrors that can lend your space some extra pizazz without overdoing it. Our personal favorites are our crystal and rose gold candle holders that can add glam to your candlelit holiday dinners. 

2. Use your walls!

Christmas trees are a sure must-have during the holiday season, but it’s not the only thing you can accessorize with sparkly decorations. If you want something that saves space without cutting back on the glam, then go for Christmas wall decors like the Maggio and Raneri which are made of gold-finished steel that can give the same uplifting holiday cheer to your home. 

3. Switch trees to topiaries. 

Christmas Topiaries

Want to change things up a little by veering from the expected Christmas home decors? Why not go for a more chic version of your usual holiday trees? Our Topiary Collection is perfect to dress up for the holidays and is also great to leave around even after the Christmas season is over! A touch of holiday lights and trinkets can make them perfect for the festive season and you can just remove them after to turn the pieces into regular home decor. 

4. Accessorize your with gold and silver.

Elegant Holiday birds

Give the usual white and gold holiday trope a spin by using accessories that deliver the same visuals. We love this Big Ben Silver Clock and Marbleized Ball Accents that look like the elegant older sister of Christmas balls. You can even set up your own “holiday table” that you can dress up with more glittering sculptures from us. Our Brass Bird Paper Weights are the perfect guardians for your Christmas spot. 

5. Never forget candles.

holiday candles

Spending Christmas isn’t complete without curling up in your sweats, cup of hot cocoa in hand while enjoying the calming scents of aromatic candles. Get yourself a set of our scented candles in stylish silver and gold pots for the ultimate holiday feel. 

Haven’t started with your Christmas home decor project yet? Browse more of our products here to get yourself started now. Here at Oaklane, we are committed to turning personal spaces into our clients’ havens by providing them with pieces that are elegant as they are expressive. Need help in choosing your items? Our customer service is always glad to help. You can also get to know us better by following this link

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