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Designing a Small Home Office? Use These Clever Tricks from Oaklane

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When you have a small space, you need to be more flexible in assigning your work-from-home area. This can literally be anywhere inside your house, but location isn’t always the main factor to consider. The key here is designing your small home office in a way that could best yield productivity.

In this article, learn how you can make the most out of a small space with some tried and tested home improvement ideas.

Designing your small home office in a way that could best yield productivity.

Key Elements of Designing a Small Home Office

If you’re stuck with designing a small home office, don’t worry. You can make the process much more bearable. 

Start by making a list of everything you’ll need to set up your home office. Here are our suggestions:

When designing a small home office, make sure you have a comfortable desk and seat.

Work desk and chair

For you to work well as if you are in your actual office, you need a comfortable desk and an even more comfortable chair. Preferably, choose an ergonomic chair that can support your back and head for those days of long work hours.

Add shelves when designing a small home office for more storage space.


You already have a small space, to begin with. You wouldn’t want to make it even smaller by cluttering your workspace with paperwork and supplies. Get some shelves to organize your work things. Clearing up your space will help you stay productive. Also, this is the easiest way for you to separate your work life from your home life to maintain a work-life balance.

When designing a small home office, always take lighting into account.


It is ideal to design your small home office by the window. The natural light that comes in from a window is conducive to thinking and thus will be helpful in your productivity.

Since you can’t guarantee setting up shop by a window, however, make sure to install good light fixtures on your small home office. We suggest Oaklane’s Brendon and Walter statement lighting for a functional yet stylish fixture. Pendant lights are the new home decor trend, after all!

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3 Hacks for Designing a Small Home Office

Check out these home improvement ideas from Oaklane to help you get ready in designing your small home office.

Convert a closet

If you’re up for a fun project, you can convert your closet into a “cloffice” (closet + office). Install a built-in desk and shelves in a linear layout. Then, partner it with a chair that’s exactly measured in such a way that you can still close your closet door handles as you “time out for work.”

When designing a small home office, consider a wall-mounted desk to make better use of space.

Wall-mounted desk

If you don’t even have a closet to renovate, you can easily mount a desk to your bedroom wall to serve as your home office. Drag your bedside table next to it to act as your work shelf. Wall-mounted desks are actually a classic home decor trick to make a small space look visually bigger because it doesn’t occupy any floor space.

You can also use this hack to fit the corner space of your living room—that is, if you don’t mind being without privacy.

Also consider getting a loft design when designing a small home office.

Upgrade to a loft design

Depending on the scope of your work, having a small home office space may not be enough. To have a bigger work-from-home setup, you can upgrade your bedroom’s layout to a loft design.

This split-level layout will literally give you more room to work on your small home office design. The upper bunk can be your main sleeping area, while the entire lower bunk can serve as your office space in an L-shape or U-shape layout, containing the key elements of your workspace.

Make Designing a Small Home Office Easier With the Right Pieces

A small space should not be a limitation to having a great home office setup. By following these tips for designing a small home office, you can make any space work. No need to strictly stick with a classic home decor theme, either, if you fancy something else. Switch out the whites with metallics, travels, or luxurious decor. The possibilities are endless!

Need more options for quality home decor pieces? With Oaklane staples, you can give your home office a cozy vibe that still exudes luxury. Browse our collections today. 

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